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Black Cat Dozer End Bit 4T5407 is designed and built to outperform the competition using our HighSpec Alloy X14 Steel for excellent wear characteristics and superior impact resistance. The contoured design offers an impact rib built into the high wear area enhancing wear life and improving the strength of the end bit corner.
Designed with more wear material in the critical areas, Black Cat End Bits are engineered to offer maximum wear life while minimizing throw away steel, enhancing the value for the customer。 Machined surfaces on larger dozers (D9 and larger) enable superior fit while minimizing installation time and effort。 Maximum depth countersinking protects the bolt head from premature wear and failure。
Efficient processes and “state of the art” foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts. In house metallurgical staff and testing facilities ensure quality and consistency in all of our finished products. The results are Quality Wear Parts that offer excellent value to the customer every time.          
This Black Cat Dozer End Bit is for Applications on Caterpillar® Equipment。
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